State’s Attorney

Justin Hood

States Attorney 100 S. Jackson Street McLeansboro, IL 62859

Phone: 618-643-3021 Email:


The State’s Attorney represents Hamilton County in all Hamilton County civil matter and handles all criminal cases. The States Attorney can not take on private cases, wills, probate, custody, small claims, family cases or any other county work. We are happy to handle all cases after police contact.

Additional Services

  • Prosecution of Criminal Matters
  • Victim/Witness Assistance
  • Restitution in Criminal Cases
  • Assistance in Applying for Restitution for Survivors of Violent Crimes
  • Assistance with Orders of Protection in Criminal Matters
  • Traffic Ticket Information and Dispositional Recommendations
  • General Information Regarding Criminal Matters
  • Legal Advice Relating to All Aspects of County Government
Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 AM – 4:30 PM

This office is closed from 12-1 for lunch, please call ahead to ensure availability.

Court Dates

Most criminal court dates are scheduled on Thursday. Any court dates that need to be rescheduled will have to be done in advance in phone or in person.